About Us

“Our mission is to provide reliable and cost effective laser tools and testing solutions for advanced manufacturing processes.”

Our Company

In 2009, LasFocus was founded as a start-up company in Silicon Valley, USA. Our R&D and manufacturing operations are located in Changzhou, China.

One of LasFocus’ key markets is laser equipment market for the production of high-efficiency solar cells of c-Si Solar Industry. Conversion efficiency is an important factor for the improvement of the cost-to-performance ratio of solar cells. We are developing the laser tools for advanced manufacturing process for high-efficiency c-Si PERC and Laser Doped SE cells. We are excited to help our partners increase the efficiency of their solar products.

LasFocus is also proud to be associated with the semiconductor industry. We combine our testing capabilities and laser processing skills to provide unique high-efficiency solutions for semiconductor industries.

Our Solutions for Solar

For Solar cell manufacturing, PERC+SE Cell technology is a proven manufacturing process to significantly increase the energy conversion efficiency of solar cells. Laser ablation is a cost effective method, it is already widely accepted by the industry experts for mass production of PERC+SE cells. Laser Ablation minimizes substrate damage, optimizes cell response to long wavelength photons, and reduces conducting resistance of the solar cell. The net results are lower manufacturing costs and improved profitability.

LasFocus has successfully developed a cassette-automated laser system suitable for use in a mass production environment. Using our Laser Ablation system for the production of PERC+SE solar cells, the c-Si solar cell is expected to have an improvement of more than 0.8% in conversion efficiency over current processes.

In the coming years, we expect significant growth in the adoption of laser ablation process as the prominent process in the production of the next generation high efficiency c-Si solar cells.

Our Solutions for Semiconductor Devices

Semiconductor industry in China is experiencing rapid growth, there is a strong demand for advanced testing tools and laser equipment. Combining testing and laser processing skills, we offer unique turnkey solutions for semiconductor device testing and laser processing.

Our fully automated production line is welcomed by our customers and sees rapid growth ahead. We strive to become standard of the industry in semiconductor industry in China.