Laboratory Plating System

“We offer manual R&D plating tools for research environments.”



Laboratory Plating System is designed for plating the solar wafer in the laboratory. The whole system adopt integral structure, in the wafer in before plating, first wafer place in vacuum board fixed, the surface tension of liquid level, make the liquid surface and wafer good contact, again not overflow to the back of the wafer.


  • Activation
  • Chemical Plating
  • LIP, Ni, Cu, Ag

LIP electroplating system consists of the following key components:

  • Plating bath body
  • Copper or Silver electrodes
  • Illumination to induce LIP
  • Circulation pump and filtration
  • Heating element and temperature control, up to 50C
  • Vacuum holder to hold 126mm or 156mm wafers