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Products & Applications

SolarLase-G3SE, SE Laser Doping Tool

SolarLase-G3SE is our 3rd generation laser doping tool suitable for the production of high-efficiency solar cells. The laser tool utilizes flat-top square beam technology to achieve uniform doping of selective emitter (SE). System throughput is 7000+WPH, and adds approximately +0.20% to cell efficiency.

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SolarLase-G3PERC: Up to 7500WPH PERC Tool

SolarLase-G3PERC is a fully automated production tool for c-Si PERC and bi-facial PERC high-efficiency solar cell production tool with high-throughput of up to 7500WPH. We offer both nanosecond and picosecond laser types for PERC process. Picosecond laser process can be applied to IBC and HBC solar cell process due to its “cold process” capabilities.

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Turnkey Solutions For Semiconductor Wafer-Level Diode Testing & Laser Scribing

We offer turnkey solutions for wafer-level diode testing, followed by laser scribing, breaking and sorting.

Turnkey Solutions For Laser Processing of Flexible Thin-Film Solar Cells

The market and application for high-Efficiency flexible thin-film solar cells are growing rapidly. Advanced laser process is a critical enabler for lost-cost mass production of high-Efficiency flexible thin-film solar cells.

SE Laser Doping

A uniform square top-hat laser beam is used to dope c-Si wafers to form local selective emitter, thus achieving higher efficiencies for the cell. […]

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PERC Laser Ablation

Higher Efficiency PERC Solar Cell Fabrication

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About Us

Our mission is to provide innovative laser processes and tools, wafer-level device testing, and automation solutions for advanced manufacturing. […]

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